New Star Fitness & Nutrition was founded in 2009 by Tyler Tsujimoto whose journey into fitness, health, and wellness grew from his own personal experience with bullying. As an early teen, Tyler experienced and endured harassment from his peers, and gravitated toward sports and physical fitness as a way to prevent further pain and humiliation. He developed a connection to fitness that was not just about becoming stronger, but also about building up his confidence and self-esteem. In 2004, Tyler graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Health Promotion and Education, after already obtaining his Certification in Personal Training.

When Tyler first began his fitness career in 2002, the focus was on helping people get into shape, and although clients experienced results, he realized that his approach was not as well-rounded as it could be. Years of a challenging athletic/training schedule led to a severe injury, for which he sought treatment from a neurosurgeon. After confirming 5 cervical disc herniations through an MRI, the neurosurgeon claimed that surgery was the only solution. In the interim before his scheduled surgery, Tyler began working with a corrective exercise therapist who helped him realize his neck injury was not due to one specific instance, but years of improper movement. “I didn’t know that I was creating imbalances in my lifestyle; I always thought I was being healthy. I had three months before my surgery, during which I began corrective exercises for some relief in the meantime. We corrected everything in 8 weeks – no surgery was necessary.” Because of his success with corrective therapy, Tyler began researching various programs and certifications that would allow him to help others ease pain and improve lifestyles. “I saw how corrective therapies could help others – even those who don't know why they are in pain. Offering this type of exercise therapy could help me to work with pain management, as well as prevention. Also, very few people do corrective work in my area of Utah – I wanted to create a niche that no set us apart from all other fitness facilities.” Tyler initiated balance and posture-based techniques into his services, which led him to develop the truly unique and one of a kind approach that can only be found at New Star Fitness & Nutrition.

Since then, New Star Fitness & Nutrition has expanded into a multi-trainer facility with the passionate goal of educating, inspiring, and motivating each client to discover their true potential. All aspects of health; physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional, and nutritional are focused on by the New Star Fitness & Nutrition team to help you be as healthy as possible.

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With a variety of fitness offerings to choose from, we are positive you'll be happy working with New Star Fitness & Nutrition!  When working with New Star, you can expect a fitness experience unlike anything you've had before! Our trainers combine innovation, individualization, safety, effectiveness, and fun in each and every session!
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