Robyn Mons

Mindset & Nutrition Coach

"I live in this modern world with you, where it is busy and ever changing, and I believe that taking care of a body should be simple and peaceful. What I have noticed is how complicated and dramatic that it can tend to be, so I am so passionate about helping you take care of your body in this simple way; by bringing the mindset and simple nutrition together."




Pain Free Movement



Taking care of your body in these modern times can be so overwhelming!  Food is abundant, life is busy, fad diets aren’t sustainable and the cravings don’t ever seem to stop. It’s time to change our approach from complicated and emotional to simple and peaceful.

Hi, my name is Robyn Mons and I am the Mindset and Nutrition Coach here at New Star and I want you to get ready to do this differently than you ever have before! I am excited to teach you the mindset tools that support sustainable behavioral changes with food as well as simple, effective nutritional principles designed for a modern lifestyle. I look forward to talking with you!

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