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“I have worked with many fitness professionals and Tyler Tsujimoto is hands down the most knowledgeable and professional one I have ever met. Tyler has not only helped me achieve my short term health and fitness goals but he inspired me to change my eating habits and my body forever.  While many weight loss strategies offered out there require a lot of your money and time, Tyler’s strategies for achieving my fitness goals were quite simple, made sense to me, and provided immediate results. When working out with Tyler I always felt motivated to push my hardest and to be my best. I am forever grateful for meeting Tyler as he taught me how to be the healthy person I am today and keep that for a lifetime.”


"I started seeing Tyler for trigger point therapy in late 2010. At the time I was looking for some solutions to help develop my glutes, hamstrings, and quads better. I have suffered my whole life from TIGHT hamstrings which is my fault do to my lack desire to take time to stretch. I worked with Tyler almost weekly and was able to immediately notice a difference in the way I moved and how I felt, especially during my training. Since then, I have had Tyler use trigger point therapy on other areas like my neck, chest, arms, and back which have not only improved my training but  have lessened my injury time and given me the help and strength I have needed to compete.. In June 2011, I placed 1st in the NPC Novice Class in Figure B and 3rd in the Open Class. That was my first show and I wouldn't have been able to train as hard as I needed to without Tyler's help!! Another added benefit I wasn't expecting it that I have had a MAJOR decrease in the frequency I get migraines. I have suffered with those my entire life and I have feel as if I have found some sort of solution without having to resort to my expensive prescriptions if I cant help it."


"I have never been the type of person who would ever imagine themselves getting a personal trainer.  I thought I could do it all on my own and that I didn't need anyone to train me on how to lose weight.  Five years later, after being completely miserable with myself, I met Tyler!  It took a bit of convincing from him and me, but I finally gave in…and was terrified!  I just knew he was going to kill me my first time working out with him.  He kept telling me not to worry and that he wasn't, in fact, going to kill me.  He was right.  Now I’m not saying that his workouts aren't tough and sometimes it takes everything I have to not fall down the stairs after a good leg workout, but he gets the results that your body needs and that your self-esteem wants!  I have never felt so great in my life.  I always have the fabulous burn in my muscles telling me that what he was having me do was working. I felt myself getting stronger and stronger with each workout.  He’d say to me, “Last time you only did 95 pounds, this time you did 185!”  He is so motivating.  Not only did Tyler train me in working out, he trained me in my diet.  He coaches me on different things I should and should not be eating, even if something is low calories, doesn't mean I should be eating it.  Tyler is absolutely amazing and I cannot thank him enough for helping me so much not only physically, but mentally, too!!!"


"Tyler Tsujimoto has been one of the most influential people in my life.  All throughout my life I have battled the never ending war of weight management.  By age twelve I had surpassed 120 lbs and my self esteem was weak, to say the least.  As I finished my senior year in high school, at only 5’ 9’’, I weighed an astounding 220 lbs and really struggled with my body.  I have always been heavily involved with athletics and for whatever reason I was never able to shed the fat.  It was during my 19th year of life that I was finally able to rid myself of a great deal of weight.  As a full time missionary in Spain, my transportation consisted of walking and riding the subway, I also spent at least 15 minutes every morning jumping rope.  When I returned home in 2002 I weighed in at 175 lbs.  I was in the best shape of my life and my self-esteem was at an all-time high.  Shortly thereafter I was married.  As happens to many people after marriage, life and stress takes over; as a result, my level of activity had greatly diminished.  I struggled with depression and anxiety.  With the birth of my first child in 2006, at age 25, I had gained back all the weight that I had lost in Spain and then some.  I weighed in at 230 lbs.  I fought hard to lose weight by myself through sporting activities and various in home workout programs and jumping rope.  After two years of struggle, I wasn't seeing any results.  My poor health and the depression culminated in February 2008 when I was hospitalized after experiencing an anxiety attack at work.  I had to make a change.  Having known Tyler my entire life, I had seen him change from a tiny, skinny kid, into a strong, active, body builder and athlete, and am a firsthand witness of his personal success.  In April 2008 I approached Tyler and asked him if he would be willing to train me.  I needed help with my physical body and needed to learn how to manage stress.  I joined the gym where Tyler was training full time, and that’s when the miracle began.  I attended a boot camp like course that Tyler was providing for a 6 week period, and then had the opportunity to experience one-on-one personalized training with Tyler.  His focus was always on me, and what I needed to do based upon my body type.  He tailored each session to helping me create a base from which I could develop.  He focused not only physical training, but provided counsel on diet and personal well-being.  Tyler has been more than a personal trainer to me; he has been a mentor, a counselor and a best friend.  His knowledge of the human body its functionality is inspiring.  Tyler helped me to develop a lifestyle that has enabled me to maintain a steady weight and a much higher quality of life.  He taught me how to manage stress through exercise and appropriate diet.  By the spring of 2010 I was in the better shape than I had been when I returned home from Spain in 2002.  I weighed 185 lbs with a body fat percentage under 19%. In the summer of 2010 I experienced a large set back after divorcing from my first wife.  I lost 15 lbs due to the stress.  When I looked in the mirror all I saw was a haggard waste of a man.  Tyler came to my rescue and began to work with me again to help me manage the stress I was experienced.  Through a strict training and diet program, Tyler helped me to gain back the weight that I had lost, but this time it was the right kind of weight.  In just a few short months, I weighed 187 lbs with a body fat percentage under 17%.  I could see muscles!  I was able to manage the stress, which allowed me to progress and excel in my personal and professional life.  There is still much work to do, but Tyler has set me on the path to achieving all of my fitness goals.  I will forever be indebted to Tyler for all that he has done for me."


"Hi my name is Kody Watts. I am 25yrs old and have been pretty active my entire life. I had always gone to the gym and worked out and been active in sports. I had been having issues with my neck and back hurting for a long time and had gone to many doctors and chiropractors to fix my misaligned back and neck. It seems like I was always in pain. After several years of chiropractic care I was still not getting better and holding any adjustments. I had found out that the muscles in my back and neck were not holding their alignment because they were so weak and injured. I started training sessions with Tyler in hopes that this could help me. I started working out with him several times a week. I have been amazed with the success I had with his training. I was able to get the muscles strengthened enough to keep my spine in the alignment that it was supposed to be in. I had always worked out and been active, but Tyler was able to teach me so many new exercises and ways to work out muscles that never got used. I never knew that there were so many different exercises to target the muscles that I needed to strengthen to get me out of constant pain. Tyler taught me a lot about muscle imbalances and why I was not keeping my spinal alignment. After a few short months I was feeling so much better and was out of pain. My doctor had suggested surgery and I was afraid that it would come to that to get out of the pain, but little did I know that my muscle imbalances were causing me so many issues that I was able to correct with the right training program. To this day I am still doing the crucial exercise program that Tyler had taught me and I am living my life pain free because of it. Not to mention the great shape I am currently in as well because of my success with Tyler. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get in better shape or trying to correct a complex issue like I had. "


"I first met Tyler in 2010 where I trained in the same facility as he did. I watched Tyler with several of his clients, and was amazed at the different approach to training that he had with each person. I watched Tyler make physical changes in people’s posture in one visit. I became interested. I started asking questions about his Active Release Therapy. I had been training clients for about a year, and also competing in local bodybuilding shows since 2006. I had mentioned to Tyler about not being able to make the improvements in my back that I had wanted. He told me that it probably wasn't from poor training, but rather my poor posture. He convinced me to do one session with him, just to see what I thought. After just one session, my range of motion increased an incredible amount. I could actually feel a harder contraction in my back, from the release he got out of my chest and shoulders. I was amazed in the difference in my posture. Since then I have had several sessions with Tyler, and am making constant improvements. With Tyler’s help, I am competing on a national level this year in bodybuilding, and I know that without his help, I would not be where I am. His approach to training is unlike any other trainer that I have ever seen or worked with. He has a personalized approach to each and every client’s needs and goals. He can train anyone from a performance athlete, to a bodybuilder, to just someone looking to feel better and lose weight. What sets Tyler apart from other trainers, is his ability to actually improve a person’s quality of life. Relieving aches and pains, and allowing them to do things that they weren't capable of doing before. I have sent many of my family and friends to Tyler, and everyone has had great results."


"Tyler has inspired me to honor and respect my body by nourishing it properly and staying physically active.  When I first began working with Tyler I had been fairly sedentary for quite a few years.  Tyler coached me patiently and taught me how to strengthen my body again.  I realized through training with Tyler that my body can "remember" how to be strong and can still make significant improvements after years of negligence.  It didn't take very long until I began to notice changes in my energy level, my flexibility and the shape and size of my body.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to receive fitness coaching from Tyler.  His knowledge of fitness and nutrition, his level of patience and his intuitive view of the human body have made a world of difference to me and my health."


"I have suffered from low back pain for about 15 years.  After surgery to repair a herniated disc in 1995 I received some relief but still had recurring problems.  I have had years of frequent chiropractic treatments, three cortisone injections in my spine, and I was still suffering.  At times, I couldn't sit so I would kneel or stand while at work and lie down at home.  I hesitated with the whole “working out” thing because I thought it would be too painful.  Because of my fear, my muscles atrophied and I was aging fast!  I was afraid to seek out a trainer to ‘help’ me for more than eight years!What a mistake that was!!!!!  I finally realized I needed a Personal Trainer or I wasn't going to have any improvement in my quality of life!  After being evaluated and then working with Tyler for just a few weeks, I  strengthened my core\torso muscles, which took the pressure off of my spine and has given me greater relief than any of the above treatments ever had.  We've also done weight training for the whole body and I think I even surprised Tyler (a little) with how quick my progress has gone.   I've never been ‘over weight’, but boy was I ever ‘out of shape’!  I have continued for over a year now and I have greater strength, stamina, flexibility, and I can sit for long periods of time with NO PAIN!  Since I am a receptionist at work, this is very important.  I don’t feel like an “Old Lady” any more either =)Tyler is patient, persistent enough to encourage lasting results, and very knowledgeable!  I know how important it is to do my “home work” to keep my progress going forward.  Tyler works well with clients of all ages, as I have witnessed him with others while awaiting my turn.  He is enjoyable to work with and is extremely dedicated to helping people get better, stronger, healthier, and to stay that way!"
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