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I had no idea!

I had no idea I was doing so much wrong with my physical fitness. The level of expertise that Tyler provides in the one-on-one training is unmatched. I get 100 times more value from Tyler than I would ever get from one of those teenagers they assign you at those big franchise gyms. Tyler doesn't just throw you on a bench press and tell you to start doing reps, he creates a custom plan just for you designed to give you a safe improvement and an effective lifestyle. I would give Tyler 10 stars if I could.

Jordan Richards

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I have worked with many fitness professionals and Tyler Tsujimoto is hands down the most knowledgeable and professional one I have ever met. Tyler has not only helped me achieve my short term health and fitness goals but he inspired me to change my eating habits and my body forever.  While many weight loss strategies offered out there require a lot of your money and time, Tyler’s strategies for achieving my fitness goals were quite simple, made sense to me, and provided immediate results. When working out with Tyler I always felt motivated to push my hardest and to be my best. I am forever grateful for meeting Tyler as he taught me how to be the healthy person I am today...


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I have never been the type of person who would ever imagine themselves getting a personal trainer.  I thought I could do it all on my own and that I didn't need anyone to train me on how to lose weight.  Five years later, after being completely miserable with myself, I met Tyler!  It took a bit of convincing from him and me, but I finally gave in…and was terrified!  I just knew he was going to kill me my first time working out with him.  He kept telling me not to worry and that he wasn't, in fact, going to kill me.  He was right.  Now I’m not saying that his workouts aren't tough and sometimes...


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Tyler Tsujimoto has been one of the most influential people in my life.  All throughout my life I have battled the never ending war of weight management.  By age twelve I had surpassed 120 lbs and my self esteem was weak, to say the least.  As I finished my senior year in high school, at only 5’ 9’’, I weighed an astounding 220 lbs and really struggled with my body.  I have always been heavily involved with athletics and for whatever reason I was never able to shed the fat.  It was during my 19th year of life that I was finally able to rid myself of a great deal of weight.  As a full time missionary in Spain, my transportation consisted of walking and riding the subway...


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Tyler is Amazing! He does amazing work and is very knowledgeable in many things! Hes got great equipment at his gym. He's a private business owner which makes it 1000x better! Tyler has helped me in many different ways in getting healthier and better. My hisband, father in law and myself all go to him. Thank you for everything Tyler!

HappyFeet Pengiun

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They don't get better than Tyler! He's helped me to improve every aspect of my fitness, strength, endurance, and most important for me, form.

David Mayfield

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Tyler has been helping with some elbow pain I've been dealing with for several months. It was so bad that squeezing a glass of water to lift was too much. The trigger point therapy is not the most pleasant, but the results are. Thanks so much!

Chase Leibfritz

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I started seeing Tyler for trigger point therapy in late 2010. At the time I was looking for some solutions to help develop my glutes, hamstrings, and quads better. I have suffered my whole life from TIGHT hamstrings which is my fault do to my lack desire to take time to stretch. I worked with Tyler almost weekly and was able to immediately notice a difference in the way I moved and how I felt, especially during my training. Since then, I have had Tyler use trigger point therapy on other areas like my neck, chest, arms, and back which have not only improved my training but  have lessened my injury time and given me the help and strength...


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Hi my name is Kody Watts. I am 25yrs old and have been pretty active my entire life. I had always gone to the gym and worked out and been active in sports. I had been having issues with my neck and back hurting for a long time and had gone to many doctors and chiropractors to fix my misaligned back and neck. It seems like I was always in pain. After several years of chiropractic care I was still not getting better and holding any adjustments. I had found out that the muscles in my back and neck were not holding their alignment because they were so weak and injured. I started training sessions with Tyler in hopes that this could help me....


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I first met Tyler in 2010 where I trained in the same facility as he did. I watched Tyler with several of his clients, and was amazed at the different approach to training that he had with each person. I watched Tyler make physical changes in people’s posture in one visit. I became interested. I started asking questions about his Active Release Therapy. I had been training clients for about a year, and also competing in local bodybuilding shows since 2006. I had mentioned to Tyler about not being able to make the improvements in my back that I had wanted. He told me that it probably wasn't from poor training, but rather my poor posture....


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Tyler has inspired me to honor and respect my body by nourishing it properly and staying physically active.  When I first began working with Tyler I had been fairly sedentary for quite a few years.  Tyler coached me patiently and taught me how to strengthen my body again.  I realized through training with Tyler that my body can "remember" how to be strong and can still make significant improvements after years of negligence.  It didn't take very long until I began to notice changes in my energy level, my flexibility and the shape and size of my body.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to receive ...


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I have suffered from low back pain for about 15 years.  After surgery to repair a herniated disc in 1995 I received some relief but still had recurring problems.  I have had years of frequent chiropractic treatments, three cortisone injections in my spine, and I was still suffering.  At times, I couldn't sit so I would kneel or stand while at work and lie down at home.  I hesitated with the whole “working out” thing because I thought it would be too painful.  Because of my fear, my muscles atrophied and I was aging fast!  I was afraid to seek out a trainer to ‘help’ me for more than eight years!What a mistake that was!!!!!  I finally realized...


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1:1 Specialized Training

New Star Fitness & Nutrition focuses on making sure the body is moving pain free and has full range of motion. Each client will go through a thorough posture, balance, and movement assessment to identify any neuro-muscular imbalances that exist within the body. We create a custom program specific to your body and goals. Then teach you how to correct those imbalances by working on releasing the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles, then creating and establishing a balance throughout the body again. Our 1 on 1 training gives you the maximum attention & support to achieve your goals.

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Semi-Private Specialized Training

Team up with family members or friends who have similar goals and fitness abilities to push each other to achieve higher levels of success through a small group training session. 2-4 clients at a time

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Nutrition Coaching

Action alone will not create long lasting transformation. We start by learning the difference between body vs. mind hunger and how to respond to each. We'll work on deconditioning the brain of unwanted reactions to food from old patterns and behaviors. Then we do some clean up nutritionally with a designed "food funnel" that directly compliments proper insulin management.  It is not a meal plan, but a good guideline that you can use with wherever you go and does not require any measuring, weighing or counting calories. We get your mind and body integrated and we set you up for sustainable results!

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Posture Screening & Movement Assessment

Bodies suffering from chronic pain, weakness, lack of energy, poor circulation, digestive issues, and an overall lack of motivation typically have a weak and imbalanced posture. Our one hour, in depth posture screening and movement assessment is designed to help you identify what your existing posture and muscular imbalances are and how they are preventing you from achieving your health goals. We have discovered that a strong posture is the foundation to living a happy, healthy, pain-free life!

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With a variety of fitness offerings to choose from, we are positive you'll be happy working with New Star Fitness & Nutrition!  When working with New Star, you can expect a fitness experience unlike anything you've had before! Our trainers combine innovation, individualization, safety, effectiveness, and fun in each and every session!
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